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Our Name

In the Bible, the apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 5:20,

We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us. We implore you on Christ's behalf, be reconciled to God.

Our movement of campus ministries finds its identity in this passage. Each of us who takes on the identity of “Christian” becomes Christ’s ambassador – or christou apostoloi in Greek, which we shorten to the first letters “Chi” and “Alpha” or XA. 

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If you have been recently admitted to American, and you are looking for a Christian community, you've found the right place! Check out our website to learn more about Chi Alpha at American and fill out the form below for more info or to join our email list!

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Life Groups

Fall 2019

As you may know, throughout the week, students gather together in Life Groups. These are led by our team of Life Group Leaders (also called Student Leaders). We create these gender-specific, campus-specific, environments to foster communities of true sisterhood and brotherhood — and to create spaces where honesty and accountability can be lived out in a deep and meaningful way.

They have been part of our community for awhile, participated in Next Level Intensives (NLI) and gone through an application / interview process. In short, it's our hope and prayer that they can be the best big brother or big sister you've ever had as they lead and serve you. 

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Women Life Group Leaders


Leader: Janelle

Contact Email: jg8202a@student.american.edu

Contact Cell: 240.377.6446 (Janelle)


Leaders: Katie & Ife 

Contact Email: ks3306a@student.american.edu (Katie)

Contact Cells: 805.728.5599 (Katie), 631.264.4941 (Ife)

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Leaders: Rebecca & Hana 

Contact Email: rm7689a@student.american.edu (Rebecca) 

Contact Cell: 202.867.9405 (Rebecca)

Men Life Group Leaders


Leaders: Steve & Zach

Contact Emails: zh7796a@student.american.edu (Zach), hj7379a@student.american.edu (Steve)

Contact Cell: 315.632.1987 (Zach)


Leaders: Daniel & Luke

Contact Emails: dm7122a@student.american.edu (Daniel), lb9216a@student.american.edu (Luke) 

Contact Cells: 631.702.3023 (Daniel), 434.544.1894 (Luke)


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