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Everything we do requires money - events, training, retreats, activities on campus, etc.  Chi Alpha is able to operate because of funding from several sources: tithing + offerings from students, church partnerships, regional fundraising and alumni giving. However, it's our giving from students that has the greatest impact! The offerings that we collect from students, whether at Thursday Night Worship or online, go directly to ministry on our campus and the work of our missionary partners around the world. In fact, although we have paid staff, they are each responsible for ‘support-raising’ their salaries from personal contacts, which means that none of your giving goes to salaries at all. We encourage those that call Chi Alpha their community to invest into a ministry, that we hope, has made a significant impact. 

Financial Info: All tax-deductive donations, as required by law and our internal policies, are subject to budgeting and discretion of our executive director with oversight from our 501(C)3 board. Additionally, we have an external accounting firm (Dime) to help with our best practices and receipting. We work to honor designations and specifications, whenever fiscally responsible and in alignment with our vision and we are able to do so the majority of the time.

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