Holistic Truths

Join us this summer as we read through the highlights of the Old and New Testaments and some writings of other Christians throughout history, learning more about the "Christian faith" and what it means to walk with God daily. Our goal for this summer is that this would be a resource for you to come closer to God and understand what Christians believe, and why. Whether you have been a Christ-follower for years or you are just now thinking about Christianity, this plan is for you! There are three parts to this summer reading: "the plan", a 13-week study with day-to-day prompts to follow along with, "community" - a way to stay connected or to invest in discussion on that day's prompts, and "teachings", short audio clips that accompany the last few weeks of the plan (Week 11-13). Plan starts Monday, May 15th!


The Plan

If you didn't receive a copy of the reading plan at Celebration Thursday, or you misplaced it, you can find a copy of it here! 

The plan is 13 weeks, beginning on Monday, May 15th and ending August 13th. 

It consists of 6 weeks of Bible readings, encompassing the highlights of the story of Scripture, 1 week of meditation on the Psalms, 1 week focused on prayer, 1 week of different daily fasts, 1 week of spiritual disciplines, 1 week of teaching on Church History, and 2 weeks of teaching on Church Doctrine. 

For the weeks that do not include direct prompts for Scripture reading, we encourage you to find a reading plan through YouVersion or The Bible Project and self-guide your Bible reading daily! 



As you begin the reading plan, make sure to join the GroupMe chat for the summer - don't worry, you can mute the notifications if needed! This is a place to continue the conversation, spur each other on in consistency, and to ask questions! Please keep the conversations based on this reading plan, and use appropriate language! 



During Weeks 11-13, "Church History" and "Church Doctrine"  there will be short audio teachings from Josh Jones that you can listen to on that day's topic.

These will be archived here, and the links to the teachings will be posted later on in the summer! Excited to dive in with all of you!