Student Leadership

Three Sections Below - Updated on February 17, 2017 by Lily Slocum (Acting President) & Blane Young (Advisor)

(1) The Idea (2) The Chaplaincy (3) The Student Club

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Chi Alpha is a staff-led campus ministry focused on community and discipleship, in which student leaders are equipped and empowered to pastor and minister to their peers. We believe that staff and student leaders, together, can reach students far from God and have a long-term impact our campus as a whole.

We exist in two forms at American University, as a chaplaincy program and as a student club. Thus, we have two different processes for inviting students into the leadership structure of both organizations.

In fact, Blane serves as a non-voting adviser to the eBoard of the student club, but they operate completely under their own governance and according to their club constitution. The eBoard interfaces with AUCC and puts on popular events such as Open Mic Night and the Christmas Party (a semiformal dance). 

The chaplaincy

Small Group Leaders

The chaplaincy (all of our staff members are chaplains, by the way) selects small group leaders through an intensive application and interview process.

Additionally, there is an educational prerequisite called Next Level Intensives, which is a six week course in the spring semester that applicants must have completed prior to applying. Next Level Intensives (also known as NLI) participants are invited to be part of this course by their small group leaders during the end of the fall semester. Each small group usually invites (or nominates) two to three members to participate in this. 

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Note: some of the dates are from the previous semester and left as an example / archive.

The applications during Spring 2016, are open starting at 10am on March 25 and will close on April 15 at 5pm. Late applications will not be accepted or considered, so we suggest submitting it early. 

→ Please read through these two documents thoroughly before applying for Small Group Leadership (Statement of Faith and Role & Expectations of a Small Group Leader). 

If you have any questions, please email

The student club                                   (Chi Alpha's Student Association) 

eBoard Members

* For Spring 2017, we have two open eBoard positions - President & Vice President. Our 'acting president', Lily Slocum, is resigning her position as Vice President in order to run for President. You can nominate yourself to be considered for eBoard.

[Applications / Self-Nominations are open starting Friday, February 10 at 7am and close on Thursday, February 22 at 5pm] 

Students in Chi Alpha elect the members of the eBoard, just like other student clubs on campus. The current positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer. 

In previous elections, we've alternated between paper ballots and online voting. For Spring 2017, we are inviting students to participate in a Student Association Meeting (S.A.M.) on Thursday, February 23rd at 10:15pm (after Thursday Night Worship) in Ward 4. 

Note: This was announced on Thursday, February 9th at Thursday Night Worship, as a continued cooperative effort between the chaplaincy and student association.

During this S.A.M., the current eBoard will provide updates on the calendar, provide vision and we'll conduct elections by asking students to vote using computers / smart phones. There are plans for those that cannot attend to be able to vote, but attendance is strongly requested. We'll also talk about 'membership' and what it means to be a member, how to become a member and what that will look like going forward. Additionally, the eBoard will present an updated constitution for consideration. 

Questions? Email for information.