NLI - Spring 2018



You're invited. 

Towards the end of every Fall Semester, we (as a Staff Team) ask Small Group Leaders to nominate key students to partake in this initiative that we call Next Level Intensives (or NLI for short). We ask them to nominate students, like you, that are faithful, available and teachable (FAT). They can't nominate everyone and they don't have to nominate anyone which means that your name came up because they believe in you. 

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You are a key part of Chi Alpha and we believe, that you'll continue to be as your academic career progresses. 

We want to be here as a resource and this initiative is designed to help you to follow Jesus closely and equip you to lead others to do the same. 

NLI isn't a walk in the park (it's a pretty sizable commitment and includes homework) and it's isn't all new information (at some point, that would probably be heresy), it's about applying your theology and influencing others. 

We hope you take us up on this offer. This challenge. This invitation. 

Thanks for being part of this community. You make it great. 

*** Next Steps: read over this page and then fill out the Response Form at the bottom of the page. 


We are working on the schedule and trying to make adjustments that would serve everyone best. NLI normally consists of a kickoff event  and then six weeks of classes.  

Brief Description of NLI Classes You'll learn, discuss and experiment with various spiritual disciplines. You'll also engage with timeless leadership truths and learn about the ministry philosophy of our local Chi Alpha. 


Note 1: You only need to do this if you are planning on saying YES to the invitation and joining NLI. 

Note 2: This form is to be used to fill out your avaliability, not your preference. Please put your name (first and last) in all time segments that you are avaliable schedule-wise. 

Common Questions

Does I have to be at every Next Level Intensive class? 
Because we are a community of grace, you can miss one of the classes throughout the six weeks.  

Will everyone that participates in Next Level Intensives become a Small Group Leader?
Not necessarily. We’re combining the best of Discovering Discipleship, Beta and influential Resource Group talks in order to help students grow deeper in their faith and gain leadership skills. Towards the end of the course, we’ll talk with everyone about the process for applying (which involves a written application and an interview) as well as our expectations for Small Group Leaders. But the goal isn't an application or a position, it's to be close to Jesus and be able to lead others to do the same. 

Have more questions? Let us know by emailing us at and use the subject "NLI". 

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