You're Away from Chi Alpha But Don't Disengage from God


Congratulations! You have overcome finals week (even those pesky take-home ones!), and you've likely found yourself in the structure-less land called “Christmas Holidays.”

Post Author: Brittney Jones

Post Author: Brittney Jones

Suddenly you are responsible for our own schedule, how you spend your innumerable hours of free time, and how you engage yourself spiritually. You find ourselves away from your primary spiritual community, and you may struggle to maintain spiritual disciplines. There is also the possibility that that at times you may not be carrying any spiritual disciplines into break with you. These are all great reasons to choose to participate in AUXA’s 30 day devotional called “Launch” over the holiday break. “Launch” is designed to help create an opportunity for spiritual growth, whether you are needing to build a foundational devotional life, or find encouragement during the weeks that you find yourself away from your community.

Many of you will be faced with similar journeys in the coming weeks. You will pack your bags and make the journey home or to relatives by plane, train, car or possibly even just down the street on the Metro. Though your journeys home will have many similarities, your experiences over the holiday will be varied. Some will go home to celebrate with families for whom this is the happiest time of the year, some will not. Many will go home to a variety of difficult circumstances, and we understand that Christmas is often full of mixed emotions for many. “Launch” creates an opportunity for you to choose to remain spiritually grounded no matter the circumstances you face during your time at home. 

Whether you have been looking forward to the joys at home for months, or you are going into it knowing that this may be a difficult season, We all face the same temptation during the upcoming break; to disengage from our spiritual lives. Choosing to participate in “Launch” over the Christmas Holiday can help you build foundational spiritual disciplines, and also sustain you and bring depth to your holiday season.