So, we know that many of you are waiting on pins and needles to find out what the plans are for Chi Alpha this weekend. In the midst of the warnings of a blizzard that may throw DC into another ice age, we as a staff have decided to close down XA activities for Friday, January 22nd-Sunday, January 24th. This has a few implications:

  • Staff are out of the office, so if you have planned meetings with them, (One on Ones, lunch, coffee, just a drop-in special delivery of chocolate) all of these are cancelled, and your respective staff member will contact you about rescheduling if they make it through the freeze, or when the offices open back up on Tuesday.
  • Chi Alpha International - the Alpha Group Kickoff Party will be postponed to next Friday, January 29th. (This was announced at TNW, but if you were already preparing for the snow-monsoon, then you may have missed it)
  • Spring Break Mission Trip Team Meetings - It's not too early to be looking ahead to Spring Break, (especially with the looming monstrosity of frozen water), but Team Meetings are going to be postponed until after TNW this Thursday. If you are going on a mission trip, make plans to attend this meeting for about an hour after TNW on January 28th. This is a very important meeting, so make every effort to attend. 
  • NLI Kickoff Party has been cancelled. If you were involved, you will receive an email from a staff member with virtual training to be done while the Blizzardzilla is invading DC. 
  • All student leaders - Resource Group on Sunday is cancelled as well. If you survive the experience of frozen toes, check your email inbox at the beginning of the week for some information from the staff team. 
  • Lastly, Embassy Church on Mass. Ave is open on Sunday, so if you are looking for an easy way to get to church,  grab your pal - the Abominable Snowman - and head to Embassy! Service starts at 10:30am! No pressure, but we heard they would love to have XA students join them! // Update 1.23.17 at 3:15pm: We want to advise students to be safe, especially as the wind picks up and more churches cancel services. They may still be scheduled to have service (they were last time we checked) but use discretion, especially with the icy sidewalks. 

Enjoy the weekend, and stay warm! 

-Josh Jones 

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