You're Suddenly in an Arctic Tundra What Now?

Everything is closed. The snow is taller than you are, all your fun weekend plans have probably been canceled. What now?

1. Find the needle (quarter) in the haystack (snowdrift)

Inspired by a woman who once lost a coin in her house once (hint that's in the bible) you have one friend go out into the snow, stomp around a little and hide a quarter in the snow. Next you go out and try to find the quarter! Worst case scenario someone gets a free quarter after the  snow melts.


2.  Southerner Spotting

One of my favorite activities that doesn't even require going outside.  First find a nice window, next sit down, now look outside to see who has no idea what's going on. There are a couple of key signs to look for. One is larger coats than anyone could possibly need. I'm talking about stay pufft marshmellow style coats. Then there's the look of confusion on their faces as if the white things falling out of the sky are cold wet mana from heaven.

3. Trek to the Nearest Open Restaurant 

Snow keeps people in their homes, but there's nothing quite like the feeling of questing over the tundra to get to the land of milk and honey (or Z-Burger whatever...) no one else will likely be around and you might have the whole place to yourself. Plus there's nothing like warm food in the snow.


4. Watch Curling

I really don't need to explain this one, it's just amazing

5. Hang with your Chi Alpha Friends

Nothing makes snowdays better than good friends so get together, do stuff, watch movies, play games whatever. Anything you do is better with friends :)