A Few Notes & A Chance to Affirm Our Staff Team

A Note from Alexis Faubel

After a year of receiving great messages, fun events and trips, and countless pieces of truth during conversation, the staff deserve to be affirmed for the hard work they put into our community. Their leadership is reflected in all of chi alpha, and they allow us to lean on them as we go through this crazy thing called college. This is why affirming them can be one of the greatest signs of gratitude for all of the time they put into us.


A Note from Chris Carr

We want to be able to show our staff team how much their sacrifice means as they pour into us day in and day out. The staff have gone above and beyond what is expected to help us reach students on our campus and this is a way that we can show how grateful we are for them.


A Note from Blane

Yesterday, students began to honor the staff team but we want to continue to be able to express appreciation. We invite you to bring baked goods, trinkets and affirmation notes to Study Break Worship tonight and drop them off in the lobby around 7:45pm / 8pm.

Join me in thanking Natalie, Josh, Brittney & Dylan for all of their efforts this year. Honestly, they're some of the best I've ever worked with and most of the sacrifices they make for students are behind-the-scenes and done in true humility.

Every year, I gather a few great students (like Chris) and ask them to help me honor our folks. I don't do this so that I can get affirmed (although I do enjoy a good affirmation card like the next guy!) but for our team. In fact, you don't even have to get me anything - I actually prefer it that way. Let's make it about them today!

P.S. You can buy nifty cards on campus in the bookstore, and they have tons of AU gear and trinkets on sale this week.