Transportation to XAWR17 (Winter Retreat 2017)

Address of XAWR17: 


You have three options, which are below. Email Josh if you have questions or if something is confusing! You are responsible for planning and figuring out your transportation separately from the Winter Retreat official registration - which is at

ONE - IF YOUR SMALL GROUP LEADER HAS A CAR: If you are in a Small Group led by or with (Steph/Rae, Alexis/Suzie, Paul Jeffries), reach out to them and see if they have room. Remember, you'd want to bring cash to give them for gas (that's just nice!) and also money for dinner on Saturday at a restaurant. 

TWO - GET A GROUP AND USE AN APP: Get a group of friends together and use Lyft (or another ridesharing app of your choice) and go from campus to the hotel. We'd recommend leaving at 6:30pm and surprisingly, this option (when people split a five or seven person vehicle) will be around $8 each way per person approximately. You'd want to bring money so that you can order food to the hotel (pizza, or something) on Saturday night. 

THREE - GO THE OLD SCHOOL, YET OFFICIAL WAY (LIMITED SPOTS) You can book a spot on an official AUXA Shuttle. These are limited (13 spots) and you'd need to pay ASAP online (link to pay). The cost is $18.50 per person and that covers your ride both ways AND your dinner on Saturday.  We'd leave at 6pm from campus and return on Sunday after the session ends.